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Our practice approach has been built over the years on the premise that everyone has a story worth sharing. If we, as a practice, who over time have built their own community based on friendly professional service, can help our clients reach a wider audience, then it is a good thing.

The following profiles and links represent some of our business clients. It provides an opportunity for other clients and community at large to see some of the people we work with, promote them in our online community in the hope it may generate interest in them.

Mark Parfitt

Mark Parfitt_seriousMark Parfitt’s work can be seen featured here on our website. We have represented Mark for a number of years now. Every time I attend an exhibition I learn something new about art. His enthusiasm for his work and the groundswell of activity in the art/cultural element of Perth is enlightening and encouraging. Here are his words…

“I’m interested in art as action, the being and doing in the world. That an artist’s work comes from being in a situation rather than a studio. My actions are about making an ordinary life more interesting, more celebratory, more fun. It’s more than just seeing, it’s about experiencing and physically engaging in suburban life and discovering the potential for heightened awareness, social transgression and cultural production. Most of the action is documented in all kinds of ways, via text, photography, drawing, video and sculpture. I consider it a quiet resistance to the greater messages and values from greater institutions. If I can win back some control, or influence others I might be able to make a change. Fingers crossed I might find something profound, most of the time its just living.”

Website | LinkedIn

Miaflora Gift and Garden Centre – Caitlin and Simon Mitchell

We have worked with Simon and Caitlin for several years now. They have both had backgrounds in managing garden centres, sourcing really good product for gift ranges in other businesses. Simon has a background in Horticulture and Caitlin has a gift for sourcing product and plants that is excellent. Caitlin is your go to person if you want something that other nurseries can’t deliver – I know from personal experience! When they approached me to look at buying into a business, I was delighted as they have such good skill sets and are incredibly hard working. We a really enjoying working with them as they learn new skills to manage their business. Go visit their centre in Inglewood – it is a visual treat and there is a coffee shop on site too.

IMG_0911Miaflora is a Giftshop and Garden Centre located in Inglewood, Perth.

“Richards and Co have been our personal accountants for many years, so naturally when my husband and I were looking to purchase Miaflora, Cathie was the person we turned to for advice on the purchase.

Without her knowledge and experience we could not have come as far in the past 18months as we have been able to. The biggest advantage that we have found is the accounting software, Xero, that Cathie recommended.

IMG_0061The best aspect to using the same software, has been the coherence we both have. It has greatly assisted us in the day to day running of Miaflora and the accurate record that has helped us successfully manage our cashflow, day to day month to month.

Without Xero and the support Cathie and her team have offered us, we could not have made this massive leap of successfully owning and operating our own business.”

Caitlin and Simon Mitchell
Owners, Miaflora Garden Centre and Giftshop


Laura Cole

A professional artist who combines a love of travel with her passion for painting. Laura Cole’s usual modus operandi is to visit a particular place for an intensive period, absorbing the ambiance and character of the locale – the landscape and colours, the people and food, wine and customs.

pastedGraphicLaura has traveled extensively, both throughout her own country of Australia and overseas, including Europe, Africa, Asia, North America and parts of the Pacific. She has been white water rafting down the Zambesi, seen the ‘midnight sun’ in Iceland, cruised down the Nile, ridden her own motorbike through France and walked on the Great Wall of China.

pastedGraphic_1Laura has visited Agatha Christie at her home in Oxfordshire, painted every lighthouse in Western Australia, seen the Pope and Queen Mother, kissed the Blarney Stone, traveled overland from England to India, climbed the Temple of the Sun in Mexico and Uluru in central Australia, sat in the cave where St John the Apostle wrote the book of Revelations on the Greek Island of Patmos, and sipped in the world’s most southern pub on Stewart Island at the bottom of New Zealand.

pastedGraphic_2A prolific painter with a bold and colourful style, Laura’s former experience as an art teacher of more than 20 years has provided a familiarity with, and competence in, many styles, techniques and mediums; she chooses whichever best suits the work in hand. Laura also has designing skills, which have come to light in public works like the Subiaco Christmas street banners:


Painting around Western Australia has always been a favorite, especially in the red dust and blue sky of the north, and with a particular love of Rottnest.

Now, Laura has a large, purpose-built ‘Atelier’ at her home in Shenton Park, and her paintings have morphed from en plein air to more studio-based work. Visitors are welcome (by arrangement) to Laura’s home and Studio to view any of the hundreds of paintings currently available. Have a look on the website first to get an idea of what you would like to see:

To read more about Laura and see her catalog of work, visit her website at

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