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Self managed super funds

When we first meet clients, we undertake a detailed assessment of their current situation, goals and aspirations.

Superannuation is a significant investment and should be considered in the clients long term planning.

In some instances there is merit in considering a Self Managed Super Fund where it fits the profile of the client or their long term objectives and they have a preference for a more bespoke solution to provision of retirement benefits.

We periodically run seminars on superannuation and SMSF’s so our clients have the opportunity to gain a better understanding of superannuation rules and SMSF’s in particular.

From 1 July 2016, the accountants exemption was removed and unless they undertake further studies, accountants can no longer advise in this area. Because our firm has an established client base with SMSF’s and it can be a very effective mechanism for accumulation of retirement benefits, the principal has undertaken further studies to be eligible to obtain the limited licence RGS 146 that would enable us to continue to advise re the establishment (if appropriate) of an SMSF.
Now, as a firm, we will work with a clients financial advisor to make that initial judgement to limit the costs to the client. We will continue to prepare all financials, tax returns and compliance work to ensure the best interests of our clients are met.

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Free consultation

Sometimes the only way to understand a person’s business or financial situation is by meeting face-to-face. All new clients or people looking to speak with an accounting professional are offered an initial half hour discussion at no charge.

Please note this does not include income tax or document preparation.

If you have some concerns and wish to take advantage of a confidential personal discussion simply call 08 9381 6225 or send us a message to arrange a meeting.