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Business development and improvement

As changes occur in the way of running a business, we need to have a structure in place to support change and take advantage of new capabilities, for example, IT.  It becomes necessary to consider new skill sets, the way work is organised/allocated amongst staff to greatest effect. How do we manage the impact of change upon current employees to minimise negative outcomes?  The rate of technological change and market competitiveness necessitates a review of how things are done.  We can assist you to identify and define how work will be done to realise greatest benefits.

We also offer services in;

Business and strategic planning
Business services
General Management
Self managed super funds

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Free consultation

Sometimes the only way to understand a person’s business or financial situation is by meeting face-to-face. All new clients or people looking to speak with an accounting professional are offered an initial half hour discussion at no charge.

Please note this does not include income tax or document preparation.

If you have some concerns and wish to take advantage of a confidential personal discussion simply call 08 9381 6225 or send us a message to arrange a meeting.