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“This has to be my favourite area that has evolved over the years of working in practice. The notion of working remotely was a concept at best when I finished my degree. Years later when I completed my MBA and specialised in e-commerce, it seemed closer still.” – Cathie Richards

About 3 years ago Cloud became this catch all for collaborative enterprise where business and advisors had a shared platform finally could be realised. To say we’re excited by this would be an understatement.

As an accountant in a commercial environment managing distinct teams of people with different skill sets and having access to information that could be utilised to assess performance of a business, was very rewarding. Moving to practice where emphasis was on year end and dealing with matters months after the event, it is difficult to add value. Cloud provides our firm with the opportunity to work collaboratively with clients in same manner as a large commercial enterprise to educate and participate in the operation of business to improve outcomes, provide guidance throughout the year.

The adoption of technology plays a vital role in ensuring that your business remains competitive.  We can undertake a review of your business to identify the opportunities then facilitate the development and implementation of appropriate Cloud based solutions. Our commercial experience with respect to such projects together with formal studies in this area has been gained over a number of years and in various business settings.

Cloud accounting software gives business owners flexibility to run their business from work, home, or on-the-go. With Xero, businesses can gain access to their data in real time from anywhere in the world.

Xero allows multi-user access – making it easy to collaborate with your team. We can assist you with all your cloud accounting requirements including the setup of Xero cloud accounting software and training your staff to streamline the process.

Bookkeeping services

We offer bookkeeping services to our business clients to ensure a streamlined process. We also offer bundled services for accounting advice and tax services.

Please contact us so we can provide you with details of bundled plans available for business.

Xero automates many basic functions – pay super contributions for your employees with the click of a button, manage cashflow by scheduling payments and batch paying suppliers.

Xero streamlines BAS returns with automatic calculations ensuring you never miss prior period adjustments. Changes to PAYG tax and superannuation guarantee (SG) rates are taken care of automatically.

We can assist you with all your cloud accounting requirements including the setup of Xero cloud accounting software and training your staff to streamline the process.

My IT skills have been developed through formal education and work experience including:-

We also offer services in;

Business and strategic planning
Business development and improvement
Business services
General Management
Self managed super funds

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Free consultation

Sometimes the only way to understand a person’s business or financial situation is by meeting face-to-face. All new clients or people looking to speak with an accounting professional are offered an initial half hour discussion at no charge.

Please note this does not include income tax or document preparation.

If you have some concerns and wish to take advantage of a confidential personal discussion simply call 08 9381 6225 or send us a message to arrange a meeting.